At last…a deck of safety playing cards that drive home 52 critical safety messages.

“Think and Be Safe” playing cards are the best safety gift
you can give your employees! Entertainment while
planting safety messages in their minds!



.If someone is going to play cards, why not include fifty-two safety messages that can’t help but be read? These messages are the same messages you’ve been telling them for years. Safety messages that are good for both on or off the job.


Well here’s a unique way to make sure your employees think about safety long after the safety meeting is over.

I’ve worked as a firefighter and paramedic for over twenty-five years. During that time, I’ve dealt with thousands of people who have been seriously injured as well as with dozens and dozens of fatalities.

In so many of these so called “accidents”, when I asked, the injured person about the contributing factors to the injury, they often said “I just wasn’t thinking.” I listened and thought about what they said. Not thinking was such a common theme so I developed a gift that will help your employees think about safety each and every time they use it.

I’ve taken 52 of my best safety thoughts, quotes and advice and put them into life saving, limb preserving safety messages that will work their way into the subconscious minds of your co-workers.


Here are some of the companies who have put these cards to work promoting safety:

The Boeing CompanyCP Rail
ExxonMobilImperial Oil Resources
SyncrudeManitoba Hydro
Atco GasNova Chemicals
Sierra Pacific PowerSunoco
United Stated Army Corp of EngineersIllinois National Guard
Bonsal AmericanXcel Energy
National Research CouncilLafarge Corporation
Showa Denko CarbonIsland Operating

These messages work!  They aren’t rocket science. In fact, they are the same messages you have been telling your co-workers for years. This is just another avenue to drive home those important messages.

I’ve boiled down critcal safety concepts into a few simple words and printed these safety gems onto a deck of playing cards.

Unlike other safety novelty cards, these are real playing cards.  They are printed on fine paper specially manufactured for playing cards.  But more importantly, they are easy to play with. The safety messages are not so large that they take up the whole face of the cards. The messages don’t take away from the usefulness of the cards. And remember, each and every card has a compelling safety message.

These playing cards are another great tool for you to use to make your safety message stick with your employees 24/7.

Great for off-the-job and family safety too!

People also play cards at home, while on holidays or sitting around the cabin swapping fishing or hunting stories.  People play cards with their parents, kids and friends. These cards are a great way to teach children about safety and teaching children to be safe is the best life skill you can teach them.

 “Think and Be Safe” playing cards are a great way to put safety into the everyday life of your employees and their families.

The cards are a great way to get safety discussions going at home with the kids.

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Paycheck stuffers

· Tailgate meetings

· Safety bulletins

To see a sample of the articles….click here

You’ll never be stumped again about what to hand out to your employees for a safety message!

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